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Awareness is the most powerful tool we have to fight ignorance.


This is the best post ever.

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"Last month, while nobody was taking anyone’s gun, the senate voted to reauthorize a program that allows the government to collect data and hold on to it forever. They can look at your e-mails, your texts, your skypes, and not a peep out of the crowd that’s always bitching about what the Framers intended … the facebook generation in particular doesn’t seem to care that big brother now knows everything about you … doesn’t anyone care that this is the new normal? I guess not. Gun nuts don’t care, and neither do liberals. When Bush did warrantless wiretapping, oh! He was wiping his ass with the Constitution! But when Obama does it? Oh, whatever helps Jessica Chastain find Bin Laden … both parties compete to appear to be greater champion of our freedoms, but the only thing that still has bipartisan support in Washington is not giving a shit about privacy."
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A guide to being an ally for friends and family of LGBT*QIA individuals. 

Online ebook available [HERE] if you would like to share with others but do not wish to link to your tumblr. (Also, it’s fun to turn the pages.)

Original size 20x24” posters available for educational purposes. Contact me directly for files. 

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